Mirna Dendrar

Widow of Thel Dendrar and former captive of the Redbrands


Age: 34


Mirna was just a girl when she met Thel Dendrar and fell in love. They had a daughter straightaway (Nilsa) and a son several years later (Nars). Thel wanted to set up a woodcarving business in the Sword Coast region…somewhere cozy and rustic. That place was Phandalin. Things were going well, the children were happy, but Mirna was increasingly worried about the security of this remote little town. The Lords’ Alliance was supposed to be taking steps to address that, but apparently, not in time for the Dendrars. It was a late spring morning when a group of thugs came by the shop. Mirna, as beautiful as she was, did not go unnoticed. They were being aggressive, but Thel, who came from a back room in the shop to discover his wife was being harassed, chased them off.

The ruffians returned days later in greater numbers. They murdered Thel in cold blood as he tried to defend his family. Mirna and the children had hoods thrown over their heads and were dragged off into the night. It was days before a band of adventurers happened upon them in the prison cells beneath Tresendar Manor and rescued them.

Mirna Dendrar

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