Mormesk the Wraith

The restless spirit of the last wizard to die in Wave Echo Cave


Mormesk was a powerful mage until he met his end in the spell battle at the climax of the orc attack on Wave Echo Cave. Centuries of anger have poisoned his soul, transforming him into a hate-filled apparition.


Mormesk spent untold years as a wraith in the depths of Wave Echo Cave where he leads the undead that haunt the place. The wraith spends his time here because the treasure he had amassed in life is in the scorched chest. No longer corporeal, he cannot touch or possess the wealth he enjoyed in life.

A group of adventurers encountered Mormesk not long after Wave Echo Cave had been rediscovered by Gundren Rockseeker and his brothers. After killing one of their party, the wraith offered the others his material wealth in exchange for the destruction of the guardian of the Forge of Spells, an aberration summoned from a different plane of existence by some long dead wizard. The adventurers left the cave and, with some help from a cleric of Tymora, they were able to raise their fallen friend from the dead. After several days, the returned to Wave Echo Cave only to convince the guardian to destroy Mormesk once and for all.

Mormesk the Wraith

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