Ulfgar Fyreforge

A veteran of the City Guard of Waterdeep, a dwarf with military experience and many war stories.


Hill Dwarf
Age: 136


Ulfgar is relatively young for a dwarf, but he has gained enough experience in his 136 years to learn a thing or two about tactics and strategy. He is also more than happy to tell you all about it. But don’t think Ulfgar boastful…he merely wishes to educate and inform those unschooled in the ways of dwarven combat. Ulfgar is quite capable with a variety of weapons, but he tends to favor the power of two-handed great weapon fighting. Many a foe has fallen to the maul of the screaming dwarf with the flaxen beard.

Ulfgar most recently served as a Vigilant in the City Guard of Waterdeep. He came to Neverwinter to help his friend and fellow dwarf, Gundren Rockseeker.

Ulfgar Fyreforge

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